Xbox One Patch 1 - 9/13/16


Patch 1 - Version
Major Changes :
DLC support - Spotter, Paintjobs, and Challenges
Wheel Support
DLC Packs (uploaded separately)
DLC - AllStar Paint Schemes added (DMII.99)
When the pack is added, on driver select view one of
the following (Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Kasey Kahne, or Carl Edwards) and
press Square. There should also be a graphic indicating bonus content.
DLC - Rick Allen Spotter added (DMII.99)
When the spotter audio is added, under options/sound
there will be a selection for spotter. Change this to Allen for the
new spotter audio in game.
DLC - Toyota Challenges added (DMII.99)
When the challenge pack is addded, select challenges
from the main menu and there should be an additional list called
"Toyota Challenges" containing 4 additional challenges.
Fixes/Changes :
MULTIPLAYER - Connecting To MULTIPLAYER - Show "Connecting" prior to
long pause when selecting MULTIPLAYER
MULTIPLAYER - Improved interpolation
MULTIPLAYER - Network error text modified to "Failed to Connect to
NASCAR Heat Evoltion Server."
MULTIPLAYER - Refresh lobbies after canceling
UI - DLC Spotter Option Selection
UI - Fix for double selection
UI - Options - Wheel Support screen
UI - VSync turned on for VictoryLane and off for Xbox and PS4 movies
UI - Options - Profile Save Fix - Game will handle saving new profile
driver correctly if you immediately confirm
UI - Options - Fix “Test Sensitivity” Highlight Box
CUP CARS - Pit/Driver Uniforms added
CUP CARS - Dale Jr's gloves added
CUP CARS - Ride height/wheel penetration fix
CUP CARS - Velocity Based Shake added
CUP CARS - Paint fixes
CUP CARS - Sim Setup Improvements - Bristol, Daytona, Dover, Indy, New
Hampshire, Pocono, Richmond, Sonoma, Chicagoland
LOADING SCREENS - Add black loading screen after intro video.
LOADING SCREENS - Fast Facts updated with new text
LOADING SCREENS - New Screenshot for Kentucky
TRACKS - Daytona and Talladega pack spread changes to improve AI
ranking issues - Pack spread mildly wider to allow more correct AI car
TRACKS - Kentucky - Progressive banking and new track pavement added
TRACKS - Bristol - Progressive banking added
TRACKS - New event trophies added (total of 30 trophies)
TRACKS - War wagon positions improved.
RACE - Yellow Flag - Fixed Free Pass lap error
RACE - Pit window Improvements
RACE - Better fake final laps for AI.
RACE - Spotter - Pocono only has 3 turns.
RACE - Spotter - Right/Left at Road Courses instead of High/Low.
RACE - Mirror - Don't use quality settings. Enable/disable shadows on
lights instead.
RACE - Fixed "unicycle mode" when pit tasks are interrupted
RACE - Yellow Flag - If you pit and then skip the yellow, you are less
likely to lose a lap at shorter tracks
RACE - AI much less likely to misdiagnose hitting berms as being stuck
in the pit area.
RACE - Helper to automatically dislodge stuck cars.
SOUND - 5.1 Fixed
BUG FIX - #292 - Fixed an issue where losing one of your controllers
would make it so you lose control of the game.
BUG FIX - #345 - Fixed an issue where the game will hang after signing
out of a profile in Challenges and into a profile with no Challenges
available. Now clearing the screen history when returning to the
title screen.
BUG FIX - #386 - Fixed an issue when inviting a Silver Account user to
an online multiplayer session will cause a hang.
BUG FIX - Fixed lockup bug due to entering/leaving constrained mode
while account picker is active.

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