NASCAR Heat 3 - Patch 1 Notes NASCAR Heat 3 - Patch 1 Notes

NASCAR Heat 3 - Patch 1 Notes

Below are the fixes coming in the first patch for NASCAR Heat 3:
            - Fixed custom setups being allowed in lobbies that are not supposed to allow them.
            - Added Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to the NASCAR Xfinity Series roster.
            - Improved force feedback for steering wheels.
            - Added option to enable centering spring for steering wheels. (PS4 and XboxOne)
            - Added option to play spotter through headphones. (PS4)
            - Added skid sounds when driving on dirt.
            - Career: Added option to sim races.
            - Career: Can choose paint job when driving someone else's car.
            - Career: Added manufacturer display to sponsor cards.
            - Career: Added manufacturer description to agent recap.
            - Career: Can access car paint kit for custom cars.
            - Career: Can access the character editor from the career home screen.
            - Career: If you make the playoffs, you earn an invite to a team in the next league.
            - Career: display upcoming tracks when setting work plan.
            - Career: Tuning adjustments.
            - Performance improvements.
            - Fix crashes in career mode.
            - Fixed tire wear at Eldora in dirt league.
            - Fix issue where cars would occasionally appear all black in car chooser.
            - Fix crashes in car editor and character editor.
            - Fix wheels appearing without cars briefly at start of multiplayer races.
            - Fix stages at the Roval.
            - AI: Adjust pitting behavior at some tracks.
            - AI: Various improvements.
            - UI: Various improvements.
            - Scaled down replay overlay art.
            - Fix slowdown during some challenges.
            - Other fixes and improvements.

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