What is NASCAR Heat Champions? What is NASCAR Heat Champions?

What is NASCAR Heat Champions?

Champions is the new esports tournament feature in NASCAR Heat 3. There are 2 sessions to be played: Qualifying and Finals. Qualifying sessions will run from Monday to Friday (dates subject to change) each week. You can join a Champions lobby or create your own and race with any number of participants. The goal is to complete a race with the fastest time possible. You will be positioned on the leaderboard based on how your time compares with ALL other Champions participants for that event. After the qualifying session ends, you will be placed in one of three Finals brackets: A, B, or C. The best qualifiers will be placed in A, etc. On Saturday and Sunday, you will again want to race and lay down the fastest time possible. Your time will be compared to others in your bracket. Try to win your overall bracket! You are not necessarily competing directly against others in your race. You are being compared to all other racers playing Champions. Note: Real prizing may be available. Check nascarheat.com or the in-game NASCAR Heat 3 News Feed for more details.

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