PC Patch #1: 10/3 PC Patch #1: 10/3 PC Patch #1: 10/3 PC Patch #1: 10/3

PC Patch #1: 10/3 PC Patch #1: 10/3

  • New input system, rebuilt from the ground up. *Note: Users may have to re-map their controllers. Do this in Options -> Controls -> Configure Controls.

  • Many wheels, XInput devices, and keyboard have default configurations already set up. These should work when attached, without extra configuration.

  • If your controller does not work when attached, use the keyboard to navigate to "Options -> Controls -> Configure Controls" to set it up.

  • Supports using multiple input devices at once. (For instance: steer with wheel, shift with shifter, gas/brake with pedals, control overlays with keyboard). 

  • Deadzones can be configured in Options -> Controls -> Other Settings.

  • Most DirectInput/XInput devices should be supported. If a device didn't work before, please try again.

  • Supports all buttons on devices, no longer limited to 20 buttons.
  • Fully configure Xbox controllers. 

  • Assign controls to discrete functions in game. "Accept" no longer has to also control the "Race Info" display, for instance.

  • Assign buttons/keys to steer, throttle, brake, clutch, etc. Just assign "Digital Steering Left/Right", "Digital Throttle", "Digital Brake", etc. 

  • Support for more than one force feedback device attached to your computer.

  • Player 1 and Player 2 can use different devices of any type; they don't have to both use gamepads or both use wheels. Set this in Options -> Controls -> Other Settings.

  • Keyboard is officially supported.

  • Fixed potential game hitch when spotter speaks.

  • Award speed points for Challenges.

  • Display purse on the race card for Career.

  • Fixed "Race All Tracks" achievement.

  • Better pre-race camera animations in Multiplayer.

  • Implemented some missing UI sounds.

  • In Career, if you race cleanly, your Rivals anger level will slowly decay over time.

  • Added new Victory Anthems.

  • Tied Victory Anthems to Effects Volume.

  • Improved offline race results for the AI.

  • Made top-end AI more difficult at some tracks.

  • Changed AI qualify logic.

  • Support "strict" yellow flags in single player. See this in "Game Settings."

  • Fixed some crash bugs.

  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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