Xbox Data Loss Workaround Xbox Data Loss Workaround

Xbox Data Loss Workaround

To Xbox One Players:
To Prevent Loss of Save Data (until the permanent fix is available), everyone playing NASCAR Heat 2 should follow these steps:
1. DO NOT go to the title screen AKA the PRESS START SCREEN! 
2. Resume NASCAR HEAT 2 as you normally would.
3. Look in the upper left hand corner of the screen to see which gamertag is currently active.
4. Select OPTIONS from the Main Menu.
6. You should see the QUICK RACE SETTINGS.
7. Tap the XBOX home button.
8. Sign out of the active gamertag.
9. When prompted, sign back in with the exact same gamertag that you just signed out.
10. You should still be at the Quick Race Settings menu.
11. Change the AI Difficulty. For example, toggle once to the left to Auto (Easy).
12. Hit the A button to make the change.
13. Hit the A button again to accept your changes on the Save Changes pop up window.
15. Your current game progress should be saved at this point. You can change your AI Difficulty setting back to where you had it if you’d like.
NOTE: These steps NEED to be repeated every time you return to NASCAR Heat 2, whether it be from a fresh boot, or if you left to use another Xbox App (such as Netflix) and returned to Heat 2. This will ensure that all data from your upcoming session will save properly.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We have a permanent fix for this issue that we are currently testing. We will have this new build out as soon as possible.

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