NASCAR Heat 4 Patch Notes NASCAR Heat 4 Patch Notes

NASCAR Heat 4 Patch Notes



  • A career mode crash

  • Issue where wheels might sometimes have excessive force feedback

  • Issue with online pitting where sometimes cars would collide entering their stall


11/14/19 - November DLC


  • New Competition Mode – With this new addition. While in Quick Race, when running the most difficult AI level setting of (105), you will get an option to race in “Competition Mode” on the Select Track screen. This new competition mode locks certain game settings to provide the ultimate racing challenge.

  • Set Drafting Effect Slider – You now have the option to control the power of the draft effect

  • Online Strict Cautions – Players now have the ability to enable Strict Cautions for online races

  • Added Speed Digital, Motorious, and Off Axis Paint logos to the Paint Booth (all series)

  • Added Xfinity Driver: Joe Graf Junior


  • Some Career Sponsors didn’t use the correct logos – This issue has been resolved

  • In split screen, player 1 settings were sometimes carrying over to player 2 - This issue has been resolved

  • Sonoma Track Layout Update – Updated track layout to match current real-world configuration


12/20/19 - December DLC


  • Martinsville night event available to all players

  • eNASCAR Heat Pro League logo to custom car area

  • Motorious, Speed Digital, and Off Axis logos to custom driver area


  • Fixed Sonoma AI issue (Cup Series)

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